Decibel Anthro Wrestling (DAW)

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Decibel Anthro Wrestling
DAW logo.
Acronym DAW
System HUD
Status Active
Established 2022, 2K22 (in-universe)
Location Aphrodite Paradise (SL), North American east coast (in-universe)
Founder DJ Vee, Unknown (in-universe)
Owner DJ Vee
Formerly N/A
Social media Mastodon Bluesky Twitter/X

Decibel Anthro Wrestling is a furry-based virtual wrestling promotion. The promotion currently performs events every other Thursday at 6PM SLT inworld at DAW Melee Maul in Aphrodite Paradise and the DAW Battlements in Arius.


Initially announced under the project channel GETLOUD.project and initially teased on April 18th, 2022, DAW was formally revealed on May 5, 2022. In released media, DAW was revealed to ostensibly occur within an alternate universe, featuring a modified timeline that includes a mysterious element, a multi-decade recession spurred by Y2K and an apparent modern space race.

After a duo of DAW Preview Events in July and October of 2022, DAW Amplify formally began with a "Season Zero" on October 27, 2K22.

DAW is unique in SLPW for having a ruleset with two out of three rounds as standard. In addition, many standard concepts are re-imagined for the promotion to accommodate the changes provided by the ruleset.


The Hidakiverse, named after the element which is one of two primary divergence factors in the timeline, is the universe in which DAW takes place. The Hidakiverse embodies a noted "retrofuture" aesthetic influenced by design philosophies from 1999-2006. In order to seek more Hidakium as local deposits have begun to run low, Earth searched for additional deposits within the Solar System. Upon the discovery of several, many space-faring nations began making preparations to be the first among the stars, planning mining excursions and colonies. While none have lifted off yet, the time draws ever nearer.





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